At Look Natural Hair Restoration, we understand and respect the intimate and life-changing process of transitioning. The highly skilled Dr. Ross is a fantastic asset for your journey, ensuring that the aesthetics of your look are a collaborative and high-quality achievement. For both our FTM and MTF patients, we bring your external looks closer to your gender identity and thats something that we are truly passionate about. 

For many transgender people, hair loss can be distressing. Look Natural Hair Restoration understands this and is here to help. In our relaxing, revitalizing facility, your options are clearly laid out, and we work together to find the perfect solution for you. So, lets get started by understanding the causes of transgender hair loss, before going through some options.

Causes of Hair Loss in Transgender Patients

There are many potential causes, just as there are many potential solutions! The main ones to consider are:

Hormones: gender-affirming hormones have been linked to increased instances of androgenic alopecia in transgender men. Transmen and non-binary individuals on testosterone have reported significantly more hair loss than those not using testosterone. Essentially, testosterone use is linked with male-pattern baldness. For some transgender men, male-pattern baldness is a desired masculine trait. For others, it may come as an unpleasant surprise.  

Genetics: Transgender women are also at risk of experiencing male-pattern baldness. The dysphoria associated with male pattern baldness for transgender women can be deeply uncomfortable. By working on a hair transplant, in order to achieve density, we can increase comfort, control and aesthetic.

Dr. Ross is highly experienced in providing his transgender patients with the aesthetically pleasing, gender-affirming results that they strive for. Together, we can collaborate to ensure wonderful results.

Hair Restoration Solutions:

Using innovative FUT and FUE methods, we can create a more feminine hairline for you. This reworks the masculine high-set hairline, bringing it down for a more feminine appearance.

Eyebrows: We work on your eyebrows, to create a softer, shaped brow, associated with feminine features. This is done using the FUT method.

Scalp: The effects of Male Pattern Baldness can be significantly reduced, creating thicker, natural-looking hair with the FUE hair transplant method. This is recommended for our female transgender patients because it doesnt involve shaving any part of your head.

Facial Hair:
For transgender men, excellent results can be obtained with hormone therapy, but sometimes a little extra density in the beard, sideburns or mustache is needed. At Look Natural Hair Restoration, we implement subtle, natural-looking facial hair. Mustache, beard and sideburn transplants can augment your masculine features and restore your confidence.