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“I lost my hair starting age 18 and always felt I looked older than I was. Then after a lot of thought and years thinking there was no solution, I started studying possibilities and met Dr. Ross.”


“Hair loss can be difficult at any age but I think it’s especially difficult for patients in their teens and early twenties. Patrick was interested in a conservative approach, staying relatively close to his current hairline. We gently increased his density and designed a hairline that’s soft and natural now and will continue to look age-appropriate in the future.”

Dr. Ross

“Since my procedure, I can say unequivocally that during every stage of the process, Dr. Ross and his staff have been wonderful – attentive, engaged, helpful, and genial. The consultation was informative and reassuring, the procedure efficient and comfortable – even pleasant! Moreover, they have been available at the office and by phone for periodic consultation, gamely providing advice and support along the way. All in all, just what I was hoping for.”