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“I have always been an outgoing and active person. I have a background in both wrestling and dancing and now in my 50s, my dedication to health and fitness has only grown. As I aged, I began to experience hair loss, which impacted my confidence. I grew my sideburns longer to distract from the bald area at the top, but I knew it wasn’t a long-term solution. Then, I found Look Natural Hair Restoration and booked the procedure.”

Michael G

“Michael’s micropigmentation procedure was accomplished over three sessions, slightly varying the shade of ink each session to give depth to the ink so it doesn’t look flat and gives a more realistic appearance. It was a collaborative process and Michael felt he was able to ask for the exact look he wanted.”

Dr. Ross

“Dr. Ross is a great doctor and has also become a good friend. He truly listens and is very understanding. My confidence is back and the way my hair looks has boosted my happiness and health-conscious attitude. Long-term, nobody has really even noticed the procedure because they simply think I shave my head and have short stubble”

Michael G